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Standard Corrugated Products

Standard Corrugated Products

Our standard corrugated products are used in a variety of applications and industries. We are in the old economy with protective covering for wire harnesses and rubber hoses. We are in the new economy as fiber optic cable conduit. We provide secondary containment for underground gasoline lines and we insulate HVAC lines. Our applications are as endless as your imagination.

Slit and Unslit Protective Covering

Convoluted protective covering has a wide variety of applications across all industries. Typical applications are wire harnesses, protective covering for fluid carrying hoses and protective boots. Specified cut lengths and slitting are available at no extra charge.

Click here to see our Standard Tooling/Material Chart.

Convoluted Protective Covering

Need smooth section to fit on a port? Need sections of the corrugated tube to be straight so it won’t bend? See our Engineered Corrugated Tubing-Special Cuff and Straight Sections


Underground Conduit

This larger-diameter product is offered as a single- or dual-wall construction. The single wall construction is a strong, flexible, conduit for a variety of underground or above-ground applications in areas such as fiber optics and underground electrical lines. The dual wall construction has a smoother inner wall that allows for easier installation without kinking. Both of these products are available in a variety of colors and with or without pull tape.

Utility WorkersNeed a large diameter or underground conduit? See our Large Diameter/Underground Conduit Dimensional Chart.

Need a special material or unique corrugation design?
See our Engineered Corrugated Tubing Section.


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Standard Corrugated Products

Standard Tubing Applications
This picture shows two typical protective covering applications; slit corrugated conduit over a formed rubber hose for an under-the-hood application, and slit corrtube over a wire harness.

Convoluted Protective Covering
Slit Corrugated Tubing
Here is a close up view of our slit corrugated tubing. There are no additional charges for providing slit or cut to length tubing.