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Engineered Corrugated Products

OEM/Miller has used corrugated tubing to meet customers’ needs and design requirements across a variety of applications and in many industries. Our capabilities include incorporating corrugated and straight sections of hose, varying the I.D. and O.D. of the tube, changing the profile from a standard circular tube to other geometry and then back, and adding locking cuffs or other mating features all in a seamless, one piece design. OEM/Miller also performs secondary operations to our corrugated tubing. Assembling components to the tube, forming bends into the tube, and inserting the molded ends allows our corrugated tubing to mate with a variety of surfaces. Our niche has been replacing competing technologies such as formed rubber hoses and blow-molded plastic parts with better functioning, lower cost corrugated tubing designs. Let us help you meet your design and cost objectives.

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Special Cuffs/Straight Sections

Special Shaping Photo

Often there is a need for a corrugated tube to only bend in certain sections or to have a smooth cuff to mate with an existing port. In these cases, OEM/Miller can often use ourstandard tooling for the bulk of a part and then design cuff tooling to meet the specific requirements of a customer. This approach allows the customer to have a specifically designed part that meets the application requirements for minimal tooling costs. At other times, new corrugation designs are necessary to meet the application requirements. Let us help you solve your problem.

Special Shaping Photo

Injection Molded Ends

Injection Molded Ends Photo

In fluid carrying applications, there is a need for a watertight seal on the end of our corrugated tube that cannot be achieved with a smooth cuff because of application pressure, the shape of the mating part or other reasons. In these cases, OEM/Miller can offer an injection-molded end on our tube to meet these requirements and still provide a cost effective, one-piece design to the customer. Often, these are TPE molded ends on a polypropelene hose. The TPE and polypropylene chemically bond in the molding process, making a leak-proof junction. The TPE provides an effective, rubber-like sealing surface and the polypropylene makes a strong, low-cost tube. We also mold on a variety of other shapes and materials to meet the specific design requirements of each application.

Dual Wall

OEM/Miller has developed a patent pending process to co-extrude tubing with a TPE I.D. and a rigid thermoplastic O.D. for fluid carrying applications. The TPE provides a soft, rubber-like sealing surface to mate with other parts and the rigid thermoplastic O.D. provides crush strength and abrasion resistance that could not be obtained in an all TPE part. The result is a durable, sealable tube at a much lower cost than competing technologies such as all TPE tubes or short polypropylene tubes with molded ends.

Dual Wall Photo

Alternate Polymer

This design features a hose that is made of two materials extruded into the same hose length sequentially providing a product that can be flexible where flexibility is required and less flexible where crush resistance is important. This technology allowed OEM/Miller to replace products that they already manufactured as two piece hose designs (where a polypropylene hose was spunweld to a TPV hose) with a single hose thus again reducing cost and improving function.

Alternate Polymer Photo

Assembly Operations

Assembly Operations Photo

In order to meet the needs of our customers for one-piece assemblies, OEM/Miller has developed cost-effective assembly methods in many areas. We have automated assembly operations to spin-weld injection molded parts to our tubes and insert checkvalves and other components into our tubes; these automated operations create one-piece assemblies and reduce part counts. Clips or other assembly hardware are added to our tubes in our plant so that they are ready to assemble when they reach our customers; we also form bends in our tubes to meet specific routing requirements in the application, all in an effort to provide a total solution for YOU—our customer.

Assembly Operations Photo


At OEM/Miller, We Provide Total Solutions, Not Just Products.
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Special Shaping PhotoSpecial Shaping Options
Our corrtube designs come in a variety of shapes. Here we have an oval tube and a corrugated tube that changes from a circular profile to a hexagonal profile. The oval design allows for larger flow in a restricted area, while the unique hexagonal profile meets customer specific clamping location needs


Special Shaping PhotoSpecial Cuffs
Corrugated tubes can be manufactured with round cuffs on each end to provide mating surfaces for sealing on ports and hose barbs.


Injection Molded Ends PhotoSpecial Cuffs
OEM/Miller can provide a variety of molded end designs that provide a watertight seal on the ends of our corrugated tubes for fluid carrying applications.


Watertight Dual Wall Design photoWatertight Dual Wall Design
This dual-wall design is used in applications where a watertight seal is needed for fluid transfer.

Watertight Dual Wall Design photoWatertight Dual Wall Design
This dual-wall design is used in applications where a watertight seal is needed for fluid transfer.

Assembly Operations PhotoAssembly Operations
OEM/Miller has the capability to spinweld two different materials to create a chemical bond. This eliminates the need for clamps and secondary assembly operations.

Assembly Operations PhotoAssembly Operations
OEM/Miller provides various assembly operations to complement our corrtube and injection molding processes. This picture depicts a recirculation valve and funnel assembly on our corrugated tubing for use in automotive fuel systems.