corflo corrugated pipe

Super Corflo® is a dual-wall coilable polyolefin duct, and is the economical choice for conduit and inner duct applications. The dual-wall design offers a light-weight, easy to handle conduit system with an increased crush-resistance, and a semi-smooth inner wall for ease of cable pulling. Offered in standard black 250 ft. coils, Super Corflo® is also available in other colors, lengths, and with pre-installed pull tapes.

Download Super Corflo® brochure.


Sizes: 2″, 3″, 4″
Cut lengths: Standard 250′  (other lengths available at request)
Other: Flexible, semi-smooth inner wall, compatible with other systems.


  • Underground Residential Distribution
  • Street & Highway Lighting
  • Substations
  • Transformer Vaults
  • Secondary service runs
  • Direct bury
  • Open trench
  • Plow-in
  • Concrete encasement